This item has been sold and is no longer available.
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Wenge Celtic Game Master System

Crafted in Wenge with Natural finish. * Note that this item is overstock from a completed Kickstarter project and is not available for custom order *

The Dog Might Game Master System is an all-in-one solution for every GM. Every piece is crafted out of solid, hand selected hardwoods. The bottom of every Rolling Tray is created in 3/8" paneled White Ash for stability.

Compact and Versatile. The System doesn’t require a huge gaming table or multiple shelves to store - it is portable and has a small table footprint. It's flexibility allows you to run multiple systems with ease.

Integrated Rolling Tray. It has a fully Integrated Rolling Tray that can be used for private rolls by the GM, or as a rolling tray for the entire table. (11" x 11" x 3.75" with an interior depth of 1.75")

Removable Screen. Removable GM screen that mounts on the Rolling Tray or can be used separately. (Each half of the screen measures 11" x 5.5" x 0.5")

Writable Panels. A plexi-glass screen on each panel for note taking and securing vital papers in place. Panels can also be removed to act as hand held notepads.

Player Storage. Add up to 4 Slim Line Dragon Sheaths to store players' Miniatures and Dice.

Initiative Tracker. Six plexi-glass Initiative trackers that fit into grooves on top of either panel. Each panel fits 6 trackers vertically, or 4 trackers horizontally.

Strong Magnets. Panels interlock and attach to the Rolling Tray with strong rare earth magnets. Panels lock together with removable screen bearings.

High Quality Hardware. The Game Master System has high quality Nickel Pedestal Corners that elevate it of off your table, offering protection from spilled drinks and a convenient place to hide notes and maps.

Includes Accessories. Each System comes with a friction fit Rolling Tray divider, 2 plexi-glass panels, and 6 plexi-glass Initiative trackers.

NOTE: This Game Master System has small scratches. As such, it is discounted accordingly and sold as is.


Millettia laurentii

If you desire a truly chocolate wood, Wenge probably comes the closest. The grain resembles tightly interlaced pieces of milk and dark chocolate. Dangerously sharp when freshly cut and dashingly sharp-looking when finished, Wenge is a popular wood for those looking for something more sinister. Wenge is arguably the hardest wood to work in the shop due to its tendency to splinter and its inherent sharpness. Today, it is most commonly used for flooring (very dramatic),high-end canes, and musical instruments. For the latter, the hardness and density of Wenge provide fantastic reverberation while maintaining its tensile strength. These same qualities lend Wenge to being well-suited for bows and arrows. Bonus: those arrows may splinter in your enemy, which will further splinter, and ultimately fester and turn septic underneath. Truly, the most sinister wood.


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