This item has been sold and is no longer available.
If you would like us to build a similar one for you email custom@dogmight.com and reference item #14121.

Benge Triple Magnetic HP Tracker

Crafted in Benge with Natural finish. Keep tabs on NPC and monster HP with our Triple Magnetic HP Tracker. Features knurled Maple dials that count from 0-99, and snaps securely to any two magnets on a Valhalla Screen. Double coated with a custom varnish for superb luster and protection.


Guibourtia Arnoldiana

While Benge hails from the same genus as Bubinga, they are notably different in color, luster, and hardness. Benge's grain is full of sharply defined stripes, coming in creamy chocolate browns, blackish browns, and yellowish browns. While the natural luster of Benge is duller than Bubinga's, it finishes just as nicely. The Janka hardness rating for Benge is 1750 but it remains relatively easy to work. Our Viking Lumberjack predecessors still preferred their wood a little softer when it came to shields so that it had some give but we think they still would have been fond of some Benge ornamentation for shields or ships.

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