Valhalla Screens & Accessories

An Amazing GM Screen with Awesome Features

Instill AWE in your players by having this amazing centerpiece on your table next session. These mind blowing screens are fully sculpted and come with a load of awesome features.
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Dragon Sheaths

Killer sculpted carrying case for your gaming gear

Organize your gaming gear in this high quality, customizable sheath. This solid piece of hardware is designed specifically for tabletop and RPG gamers - you pick the wood, the sculpts on each side, and the interior chamber.
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Player Pads

Character Tracking with Storage

The perfect complement to your character sheet, our Player Pads are finely crafted in exotic woods and feature engraved plexi for recording changes to your PC during your campaign.
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Dragon Glass

Bring your dice collection into the light

Display your prized dice collection with pride in this innovative carrying case. Includes your choice of wood species and 30+ fully sculpted designs.
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Illuminate Your Game Table

Bring your game into the light with our LED Lantern Dice Tower. The Lantern is a vertical rolling tower that is both visible and accessible from all sides of the table and features real time customizable lighting.
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Artifact Dice

The Jewelry of Gaming

High quality polyhederal dice crafted in a wide variety of rare woods and exotic materials. Backed by a lifetime guarantee.
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A Flexible Storage Unit for Card Games, Boardgames, and RPGs

The Sentinel is a fully customizable chest that works perfectly for a huge amount of Card Games, Boardgames, and RPGs.
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From the insane minds of DMG

We are constantly developing new products and making insane things in the wood shop.
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