Fire Dragon Player Pad Engraving Options

Character Tracking with Storage

No Engraving
Standard 5e
Standard + Spells 5e
Standard p2e
Standard + Spells p2e
Barbarian 5e
Bard 5e
Cleric 5e
Druid 5e
Fighter 5e
Monk 5e
Paladin 5e
Ranger 5e
Rogue 5e
Scifi 5e
Sorcerer 5e
Warlock 5e
Wizard 5e
Eastern Frame
Gothic Frame
Roman Frame
Fighting Dragon Frame
Elegant Dragon Frame
Nautical Frame
Vines Frame
Custom (Add $50)

The Player Pad

Character Tracking with Storage

The perfect complement to your character sheet, our Player Pads are finely crafted in exotic woods and feature engraved plexi for recording changes to your PC during your campaign.

Specs. Each player pad measures 10 x 6" with an interior depth of 0.75". The 3 wells come with your choice of lining, can be used for dice or marker storage, and act as a personal rolling tray at your table. The engraved plexi works wonderfully for tracking your hit points, spell slots, and special power uses delineated by class.

Need an engraving for a different rule system, order a custom designed engraving to match your game? Just send a note to for details.
Current lead time for this item is approximately 6-8 weeks. Shipping times vary depending on location. Need something sooner? In Stock Inventory is available immediately and ships in 3-4 business days.

Additional Panels

Add more Versitility

Character death? Snag a fresh panel for your new class.
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