Glorious Wooden Dice!
Olivewood Polys with Crushed Red Coral Inlay.
Chacate Preto D20 with Mother of Pearl Inlay.
Bocote D6s with Mother of Pearl Inlay.
Dice come fully protected in a sweet Dog Might box.
Wooden Dice
The Jewelry of Gaming
Ever since we started making wooden things, we have been pursuing the concept of wooden dice. Due to the difficult nature of crafting precision items, it's taken us a enormous amount of time to get it right. Wooden dice are the most requested product by our customers and we wanted to make sure we could create a set of polys that would last a lifetime.

You Asked For It, You Got It
After a massive amount of R&D time and refining our process, we're finally ready to release our wooden dice to the world. You asked for them - here they are in all of their lovely, unique beauty!
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Have a question about our wooden dice? Check out the FAQ at the bottom of the page.
"I've been wanting a real nice set of wooden dice to complement my gaming accessories for a long time, but didn’t think I would ever find someone I trusted to make beautiful dice that were mostly true and felt great in my hand. Enter Dog Might Games. I now have way too many wooded dice because each exotic wood die seems as beautiful or more beautiful than the last die. I’m also now able to afford my very own piece of Ziricote in the form of a D20 die. Life is good."
- Barb B
"These dice are beyond gorgeous. Rolling them feels like an indulgence and they are random enough that I’ll allow them at any table I DM. The quality of DMG products has been strong across the board and these dice are absolutely another credit to them. I’m going to enjoy taunting my friends and enemies with these dice for a long time to come."
- Arianna G
"These dice make for great statement pieces. Dog Might Games has exceeded my expectations in demonstrating their attention to detail and creativity with this project, and it is evident these dice are a truly labors of love. Whether chucking D6’s en masse, or rolling a lone D20 for a desperate gamble at avoiding disaster, these wooden dice give the gameplay experience a whole new look and feel."
- Eric E
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Kick Ass Guarantee
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Dice FAQ
Will Wooden Dice Roll "True"?
Our dice are a product of nature - and nature is imperfect. We cannot guarantee that our dice will be perfectly balanced. However, during our testing, they have proven to be very reliable. When using these in normal gaming, whether with board games or RPGs, they are more than chaotic enough to provide a significant amount of randomness. For more information read the article in our Forums: 'Wooden Dice: Are these things balanced?'.
Are These Dice Factory Perfect?
No, they are not. They are precision cut by a CNC machine, and then sanded, inlaid, and finished by hand. Hand sanding is accurate, but is not the same as mould-injected plastics. We minimize errors as much as possible and will not sell dice that fall outside of our strict guidelines. Remember, if for any reason you are not happy with your dice, they are backed by our 100% Kick Ass Guarantee.
Why Do They Cost More Than Traditional Dice?
Our dice require a lot of individual attention from skilled artisans. This is predominantly slow, precise work with high attention to detail. Each die is given an absurd amount of Viking Lumberjack TLC.
Do These Roll Like My Plastic Polys?
Close, but a little different. We leave sharper edges on our dice that result in a more chaotic roll which provides more randomness when it comes to natural materials.
How Does The Weight Of These Dice Compare to Plastic Polys?
A set of plastic polys generally weigh 1.0 oz +/- 0.1 oz. Our lightest dice are 0.7 oz and our heaviest dice are 1.3 oz. For more information read the article in our Forums: 'Wooden Dice: The weight of wood'.
Are These Dice the Same Size as Regular Polys?
They are slightly larger to show off the wood grain and to provide more heft in hand. The largest diameter is 1". Note that Wooden Dice will work with our entire product line with the exception of the Hero Sleeve and Traveller Dice Tower.
Can I order Custom Dice?
Due to the rarity of exotic wood species and amount of time and labor it takes to produce Wooden Dice we are not taking custom orders at this time.
Want to ask a question about our dice?
We propotyped our Wooden Dice with the help of our small group of product testers, the Underdogs. They know a lot about our dice and many of them have a set of their own already. You can find them, and us, chatting up our forums all through the day. Come and join in the discussion.
"This company excels in multiple areas. 1. Their products are very high quality and look better in person than they do on their website. 2. They are very responsive to their customers whether it be via email or social media. 3. They ship their products in a way that I find it hard for them to ever arrive damaged. This kind of care across the board is hard to come by in companies these days."
- Adam K