Spalted Granadillo with Skulls Design and Brown Dragonhide Lining.
Flame Birch in Natural with Cogs Design and Brown Crosshatch Lining.
Ziricote with Skulls Design and Brown Textured Lining.
Rolling Trays
Give your Dice a Luxurious Landing
Our elegant rolling trays add a thematic touch of class to your games. Made out of the finest woods in the world and big enough to handle large amounts of dice, this masterwork piece of gear will enhance any gaming experience.

Choose from our wide range of sculpted designs to build the Rolling Tray that is right for your game. Select your wood and finish your tray by choosing one of our high quality, durable linings. Each Rolling Tray comes with 2" metal feet that raise the tray off of your gaming table to guard against spills.
Our Rolling Trays are the perfect size for games that require a lot of dice - each measures approximately 11" x 11" with a depth of 1.75". Each Tray also comes with a friction fit, removable divider that allows you to sort your dice however you like.
Each Rolling Tray is built using your selection of wood for the side rails. The bottom is crafted using kiln dried Flame Birch for a lifetime of stability. Every Rolling Tray is covered by our lifetime, Kick Ass guarantee.
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