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We love creating new pieces and refining our creative process. We often spend weekends playing in the shop and bringing our ideas to life.
Below you will find some of our more inspired work as well as some fun stuff we couldn't resist making.
Want something custom? We do that!
Wooden Game Accessory Set
A Hand Painted Masterpiece
This epic set of exotic hardwood hexes is an excellent compliment to to any settlers game.
It features fully sculpted terrain hexes that are individually hand painted; each hex type is a unique species of wood: Curly Birch (water), African Mahogany (wheat), Black Limba (grassland) Jatoba (desert), Padauk (clay), White Ash (forest), and Black Walnut (mountains).
The set includes a banded Black Walnut case with magnetic lid, brass rounded corners, and brass handles.
The Case contains a custom removable card insert and comfortably holds all of the components with room to spare.
Four sets of meeples are included, each in a different species of wood: Padauk, Black Walnut, Wenge, and White Ash.
Each hex is hand painted by professional artist (and owner) Michael C Konas.
These are amazing pieces of work that are jaw dropping in person.
Set does not include any cards, pieces, or tokens from settlers.
Lead time for this item is 6-8 weeks.