Flame Birch with Sunburst Finish. Features Serpent Sculpt and Black textured lining.
Flame Birch with Moss Finish. Features Ouroboros Sculpt and Black felt.
Flame Birch with Demons Blood Finish. Features Demon Sculpt and Black textured lining.
Flame Birch with Sapphire Finish. Features Celtic Circle Sculpt and Blue felt.
Flame Birch with Sunburst Finish. Features Phoenix Sculpt and Black Dragon Hide textured lining.
Fiery Dragon Tray
Vibrant Flame Birch
The chromatic Dragon Tray is built exclusively with Flame Birch (also known as Curly Birch). This wood exhibits medullary rays that produce striking patterns on the wood that resemble fire. To enhance this effect we add custom mixed, chromatic stains that are created and hand applied by a professional artist.
Double coated with custom varnish for a lifetime of protection.
Upgrade this Dragon Tray by adding lining or engraving below.
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Fiery Color Options(Wood Info)
Demons Blood
Abyssal Black
Kickstarter Green
Electric Pink
Felt Options
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"The level of craftsmanship is clearly on display here with Dog Might Games Dragon Trays. These are works of art that you can hang on your wall to display for all to see."
- Shane Runkle, Runkle Plays Games (read more)
Textured Lining
Killer lining
Take your piece up a notch with Textured Lining. Made from heavy duty marine grade upholstery, this subtly textured lining is easy to clean, will not fade, and is water and crack resistant. Extra sharp metal dice will leave small marks in this lining occasionally.
Textured Lining
Black Dragonhide
Brown Dragonhide
Red Wine
Brown Crosshatch
Brown Textured
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