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The Dragon Tray
The most jaw dropping dice rolling surface known to man
These amazing works of art are the culmination of years of artistic study combined with technical expertise and fine craftsmanship.
We understand that gaming is about immersion. All of our products are focused on bringing you a unique piece of art that enhances your experience at the gaming table. To that end, we have created a wide variety of designs so you will be able to find the right thematic fit for your game.
The Designs
The available designs are flexible and feature everything from a single large well to multiple well holding areas. The multiple well designs are intended for board games that have tokens, coins, or other items that need to be kept in place during play.
Well Size
The depths of the wells average approximately three quarters to one inch and can be variable depending on the design. We feel that this depth is the perfect balance for keeping your dice in place while allowing other players at the table to see your rolls.
Feet and Hangers
All Dragon Trays come with rubber feet to keep them slightly elevated off the table and to provide a stately feeling to your gaming session. The feet protect your table and guard against spilled liquids. All Dragon Trays come with optional wall hanging hardware, so you can display this piece of art on your wall at home.
The Kickstarter Video
"The Dragon Tray has landed and oh my goodness it is outstanding! Thank you so much for all the hard work and master craftsmanship."
- joe (read more)