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The Dragon Sheath
Killer sculpted carrying case for your gaming gear
Organize your gaming gear in this high quality, customizable sheath. This solid piece of hardware is designed specifically for tabletop and RPG gamers - you pick the wood, the sculpts on each side, and the interior chamber.
Dragon Sheaths measure approximately 8.5" x 2.25" x 2.0". The interior comes in a variety of options designed for your gear. All wood is hand selected for durability, beauty, and a lifetime of gaming. The magnets are 0.25" rare earth neodymium and give a satisfying snap when closed (they are incredibly strong!)

The Kickstarter Video

"Holy crap, I just got mine and it is absolutely beautiful and WAY better than expected! Thank you very much, you guys are amazing. :)"
- Goblin Town (read more)