Bubinga with Natural Finish. Features Aluminum Swirl and Nickel Pedestals.
White Ash with Ebony Finish. Features Brass Helm and no corners.
Flame Birch with Electric Pink Finish. Features Nickel Pedestals
Flame Birch with Demons Blood Finish. Features Nickel Pedestals.
The Dice Chest
A High Quality Dice Box and Rolling Tray
The perfect dice box for tabletop and RPG gamers, finely crafted in a variety of wood with customizable features. Holds 96 dice!

The Dice Chest is a hybrid dice case and rolling tray for tabletop gamers. The lid doubles as a rolling screen for GMs and players who prefer to hide their rolls. Each case is made from wood that is hand selected for it's beauty and strength. Cases are built in our on-site woodshop to our exacting standards.
With a footprint of 9.5" by 5.75" (241mm x 146mm) the Dice Chest holds 96 standard d6 dice, has ample room for pencils, cards, and gaming supplies.
The Dice Chest is available in 3 different flavors: Classic, Custom, and Premium. See below for details.
The Kickstarter Video

"I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER WITH MY ORDER. This dice chest is absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship is amazing, I love the feel of the wood and the felt and the look of the dice as well! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!"
- Donovan (read more)