Personalized Cutting Boards
Aesthetically crafted one-of-a-kind pieces
Beautiful. Each Cutting Board is hand selected and aesthetically matched depending upon the inherent qualities of each piece of wood. Each cutting board is a unique piece of utilitarian art.
Durable. Edge-grain construction ensures uniform thickness and an even cutting surface. The wood fibers also absorb the impact of cutting blades, allowing knives to stay sharper and the board smoother.
Personalized Engraving. Each cutting board comes with a free personalized text engraving. Just think of the perfect phrase and send an email to once you order.
Materials. Crafted entirely out of kiln-dried hardwood for a lifetime of use, our cutting boards feature a beveled edge and measure approximately 12" x 8" x 3/4".
Care. Do not sit our cutting boards in water or by a heat source. Wash them by hand only. We recommend a monthly application of mineral oil.

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