Component Collector in Whitewood.
Component Collector in Whitewood.
Component Collector in Whitewood.
PREORDER: Whitewood Component Collector
Full choice of designs and finish
Whitewood Component Collector in your choice of design, and felt color. Built with Whitewood and double coated with custom varnish for a lifetime of protection.
Important: This item is a preorder. We are currently fulfilling the Kickstarter orders and this item will not be available until those orders are complete. Expected delivery time for orders placed now is Summer 2019.
Tile Designs
Click to view tile options
Click the image to the right to view tile options and select your below.
Tile 1:
Tile 2:
Tile 3:
Tile 4:
Tile 5:
Tile 6:
Tile 7:
Tile 8:
Felt Options
PREORDER: 4 PACK of WHITEWOOD Component Collectors
Full choice of designs and finishes
Buy 3 get 1 free! Choice of all options as above. Email with your specs for all four.
Regular $396
25% DISCOUNT -$99
Textured Lining
Killer lining
Take your piece up a notch with Textured Lining. Made from heavy duty marine grade upholstery, this subtly textured lining is easy to clean, will not fade, and is water and crack resistant. Extra sharp metal dice will leave small marks in this lining occasionally.
Textured Lining
Black Dragonhide
Brown Dragonhide
Red Wine
Brown Crosshatch
Brown Textured

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