Dog Might Games
Company Profile
We build high quality, custom tabletop gaming hardware. From Deck Boxes to Dice Towers, each piece is created on site in our woodshop in Michigan by our devoted team of craftsmen.
The company was willed into existence over 2000 years ago by a pair of insane axe-wielding Viking Lumberjack Gods. The Viking Lumberjack Gods had already been converting local Ents and their less animated cousins – 'trees' – into high quality tabletop gaming gear for centuries.
With the advent of the worldwide series of informational tubes, the Viking Lumberjack Gods realized that it was time to share their harvest with the rest of humanity. They opened the doors of Dog Might Games so all mortals could enjoy the bounty of Ent corpses converted into utilitarian gaming hardware.
The company looks forward to launching more Kickstarter projects, touring the trade show circuit, and causing general mayhem over the coming centuries.
Dog Might: Not your Grandfather's Woodworkers
A Visit from Motor City Geek


Special thanks to the guys over at Motor City Geek for stopping by the shop. The videographer over at Wolverine Lake Films shot some killer video of our shop!
The Shop
14,000 sqft. of Awesome
All of our wood products are crafted on-site in our wood shop, which is based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The shop is a fully equipped Viking Lumberjack paradise that doubles as our weekly gaming area.
We strive to bring the highest quality Ent corpses to our customers. Having a full wood shop on site allows us to control every aspect of the process and guarantees protection from Frost Giant attacks.
Live near Valhalla? Drop by for a pint of mead!
Mike Cameron
CEO, Founder
Mike founded Dog Might under the direction of subtle Eldritch powers that he was unaware of. Since then his mind has been warped and controlled by forces unbeknownst to mortals.
With over two thousand years of fine woodworking experience, his vision is the driving force behind the creation of Dog Might's kick-ass gaming gear.
Prone to 'seizures of rage,' Mike is usually chained up in the basement during non-business hours.
Michael C Konas
CBO, Founder
A creative powerhouse with an impressive skill set, Michael C Konas co-founded Dog Might and continues to push the envelope of high quality woodworking.
Michael holds an MFA in painting from the University of Valhalla where he is also an adjunct Professor of Blunted Weapons. He has been a professional artist for 2500 years and has over 2 million pieces in private and commercial collections.
Michael enjoys long walks on the beach and chopping down trees with his bare hands.
Puzz Longbeard
Director of Production, Barbarian
A roughneck barbarian from the frozen north, Puzz bolsters Dog Might as the Director of Production and general bad-ass.
Puzz brings his rolicking passion for creation to the team along with his epic HASTEN CRAFTING area effect (all lumberjacks in a 50 ft. radius gain CON+2, STR+2, DEX+2; duration: 10 hrs; save: none; usage: once per day).
In his spare time, Puzz uses his teeth to convert old saw blades into usable nails.
Creative Director, Valkyrie
Accustomed to choosing those who live or die in battle, creative direction and game design are a breeze for this stalwart Valkyrie.
Lindsey spreads her logistical wings at Dog Might to bring us the best in creative direction, game design, and computer-exploding brain power.
She spends her spare time racing 6-legged horses and trying to teach random dogs how to sit.
Team Lead, God of Thunder
Normally a benevolent force, Thor's rage can be unleashed in the blink of an eye. Usually after he gets a bad wood splinter.
In his spare time, Thor uses lightning bolts as hand-held night lights while fighting off his incongruous fear of the dark.

Team Lead, Sorcerer of Time
Shane is in the woodshop at all times, in all dimensions, and in all forms of existence.
His essence is held in an enchanted piece of lumber that we keep under lock and key. In his spare time, Shane can be found searching for a way to dissolve the enchantment, so his spirit can be freed from the daily slavery we subject him to.
Operations, Druid
Zoe is a versatile nature lover with experience in woodwork, alchemy, and advanced wood technology.
Her appreciation for trees is at odds with her destructive behavior – this 95 lbs. stick of dynamite is liable to destroy everything in sight with her charismatic aura alone.

Journeyman Woofworker, Healer
Rescued from the mean streets of Georgia, Sawdust (formerly Unnamed Dog) is currently exploring his identity in the Dog Might shop.
Most days, he can be found digging random trenches in the backyard, chewing on valuable masterwork items, and telepathically healing woodworkers with his loving gaze.
Woodworker, Bard
The Greyhawk Gazette writes, “Jeremy is a bearded, beer-swilling bard with the voice of an angel.” We couldn't agree more.
His aggressive dual-hammer-wielding persona is a thin veneer that hides the true depth of his artistic soul. He also enjoys beating goblins to death with his lute.

Woodworker, Zen Monk
This calm craftsman is completely at one with all forms of lumber. He can read the mind of leaves, small forest creatures, and raindrops.
Jeremiah's special abilities include a calming influence area effect spell, and being able to grow a full beard in less than 24 hours.
Apprentice, Berserker
Annie is a force to be reckoned with. Her production frenzies begin at 8am and end at 4pm, where we then find it generally safe for people to approach her.
Outside of these frenzies, Annie is delightfully friendly and enchants all of the nearby wildlife to chop down trees for us simply by existing near them.
Apprentice, Druid
With his amazing night vision and ability to stay awake for weeks at a time, Walter is a modern Druid of wooden arts.
His animal companion is an animated pile of coffee beans that he draws on for strength and stamina.
Under Character Construction...
Under Character Construction...
The Art of Finishing
Hint: It's hard.
We have spent countless hours refining and perfecting our finishing process to bring you some of the most stunning pieces of art available. Many woodworkers avoid custom finishes as it is very time and labor intensive. High quality finishing is a source of pride at Dog Might. One third of our shop is dedicated to the finishing process.
Our in house professional artist has over 20 years of experience, and mixes all of his own custom tints and varnishes. Every product has a triple coat of varnish, guaranteeing a lifetime of durability and performance.
In creating products that are intended for a lifetime of use we felt that hand rubbed oil finishes were not of high enough quality and durability for our products. Our custom varnishes and tints do not require reapplication, are highly water resistant, and help protect from UV rays and humidity.