Padauk GM System with Orobouros Sculpts, Sword Design, and Elvish Engraving.
Wenge GM System with Tentacles and Dragon Profile Sculpts and Skulls Design.
Black Walnut GM System with Flaming Sword Sculpt, Cogs Design, and Runes Engraving.
Game Master System is Live on Kickstarter
A versatile toolbox for every Game Master
The Dog Might Game Master System is an all-in-one solution for every GM. Every piece is crafted out of solid, hand selected hardwoods. The bottom of every Rolling Tray is created in 3/8" paneled White Ash for stability.

Live on Kickstarter!
The Game Master System is live on Kickstarter now!



Dog Might Games
Kick Ass Gaming Gear
We build high quality custom tabletop gaming hardware. From Deck Boxes to Dice Towers, each piece is created on site in our woodshop in Michigan by our devoted team of craftsman.
Each piece we create is is fully customizable with your choice of options. We offer a variety of lumber, hardware, and designs to fit your game.
"I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER WITH MY ORDER. This dice chest is absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship is amazing, I love the feel of the wood and the felt and the look of the dice as well! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!"
- Donovan (read more)
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Kick Ass Guarantee
Guaranteed to blow your socks off
We are a small group of Lumberjacks that are devoted to ensuring that every one of our customers is filled with joyous celebration.
When you open your item for the first time, don't be surprised if you experience one of the following: prolonged speechlessness; immediate unexpected bowel movements; or bleeding eyeballs.
If this does not occur, or for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, contact us and we will make it right.
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